Thursday, August 4, 2011

Journey to the Middle of the World

A popular tourist attraction close to Quito is the middle of the world (Mitad del Mundo). I didn't know this myself until I met some other backpackers in the hostel who had already visited. The site contains a 30 meter tall monument marking the spot where the equator passes through the country. Most people go here for the photo opportunity, I decided to do likewise.

The options for getting there were a $15 USD taxi each way or else the 40 cent public bus. I choose the public bus. This epic journey involved 3 local busses and about 2 hours of traveling to get there. Like the hundreds of tourists who visit the site on a daily basis I got a photo of me standing on the equator.

Middle of the world

The site itself contains a small town called "Ciudad Mitad del Mundo". The town is a big tourist center containing restaurants, shops, a museum. The monument was constructed between 1979 and 1982. The strange thing about it all is that modern GPS systems now show that the equator is actually 240 meters north of the marked line but no one seems to mind.

Not quite the middle of the world but close


  1. Hey! I'm Mili from Buenos Aires. I came across this blog when searching for links about Buenos Aires. I really like your posts and the way you describe the places you visit. My favourite was "Asado is not barbecue" je!
    Take Care! Keep posting!

  2. hey
    nice to hear from you. Glad you enjoy reading my blog. I'm back in Argentina now so expect some more posts about Argentina :)