Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Bay of Islands by boat and helicopter

We planned on doing a speed boat trip around the Bay of Islands as it had been well recommended. We had paid and booked the trip but they called us to say that the skipper had called in sick. We needed to get south for the Irish game so we didn't have time to wait another day. As an alternative we decided to hire our own boat and do a short tour of the islands.

Alternative to a jet boat

This was fun even if a little slow but after it we felt that we hadn't really seen the islands nor the hole in the rock. We'd never been in a helicopter before either so a 20 minute helicopter ride around the islands seemed like a good option. 

Bay of Islands, New Zealand

View from the back seat

The 20 minute ride took us around the islands and our pilot give a brief history of the islands and the area in general. We did a loop around the islands going out as far as the hole in the rock and then returning.

Hole in the Rock

Aerial view of the Bay of Islands

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