Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Miracle Safari - part 4

Buffalo in the Masai Mara

After 4 days on safari it was time to make our way back to Tanzania. Turns out the lodge didn't take credit card and when they guy had said it wouldn't be a problem he had assumed we have our own vehicle. From what I gathered he was from Narok and figured he'd take a free lift home with us, we'd give him cash and he'd take it back the next day. He wasn't so keen to come with us to Narok when he realized we'd be hitchhiking back.
Our plan was to go to the park entrance and see if we'd get a lift from there. He sent a junior member of staff with us and arranged for us to pay him in Narok. After about a few hours waiting at the gate we got a call from the hotel saying that they had new guests arriving by taxi and that we could arrange for the driver to take us to Narok for a fee.
We decided to go with this and returned to the hotel A few minutes later one of the staff tell me there is someone at reception looking for us. I assume its the driver so I prepare myself for haggling over the cost of the taxi. I arrive out and the guys asks where I want to go, he says he can take us to Nairobi. I ask how much and he says 10 dollars, I was expecting him to say 100 dollars or more! Turns out he wasn't the taxi at all, just a guy who was returning after a delivery to a lodge inside the Masai Mara. The officials at the gate had seen us waiting earlier so they told him that there were two people looking for a lift. He took us to Narok, waited while we got cash to pay for the safari lodge and then took us back to Nairobi dropping us to the door of our hotel. It couldn't have worked out any better!

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