Saturday, June 9, 2012

Today I learnt the Thai word for away

Plans changed somewhat over the past few weeks. We canceled the India trip and I'm staying in Bangkok for the month. We're busy working regular hours during the week so have a bit a routine going. We rented an apartment with a kitchen expecting that we would cook but the street food around where we live is too good and too cheap to justify cooking. It would actually cost more to cook judging by Supermarket prices. By now we have our favorite street vendors for breakfast, lunch and dinner. For example we go to 'fresh fruit lady' and  'spaceship lady' for breakfast. Spaceship lady sell some things that look like spaceships. I'm not really sure how to describe them but they taste great.

We're far from the tourist district so most of the street vendors don't speak English and we don't speak Thai but we seem to get by ok. Anna learnt the words for vegetarian and no fish sauce and they are all very accommodating. One morning I went down for breakfast quite early without Anna and spaceship lady said madam and did a gesture of sleeping. Anna was actually at the gym but I didn't know how to say this so I smiled, nodded and said yes madam sleeping. The lady repeated the word sleeping, did the hand gesture and smiled. Everything returned to normal the next day until a week later when Anna went to India for a photographic assignment. Every morning I would go for breakfast alone and spaceship lady would say madam sleeping while doing a sleeping gesture, I'd smile and nod and say yes. After a few days of this I could tell she was really wondering what was up, why was madam sleeping so much.

With the help of google translate today I learnt the thai word for 'away'. Possibly I've used the word completely out of context but this morning when she said 'Madam sleeping' I said no 'Madam Pị'. I appeared to be understood, there was lots of smiles at my attempt at Thai. 

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